Sunday, January 23, 2011

Before and!

Hey guys!  A few days ago, I submitted my "before and after" photos on here!

When I was deciding about weight loss surgery, "before and after" photos were always such a motivator for me.  I remember searching through websites and articles before I had my surgery just hoping and dreaming I could have that kind of success.  Now I'm so proud with what I've done and that I can possibly inspire others to it, too.

I know some of you have also had some weight loss success.  You should be proud and submit your pictures, too! And, if you are just surfing around, starting to think about losing weight or weight loss surgery, you should take a look at it, as well.

You never know.  Maybe you'll be inspired... ; )


  1. Kristen, I really love your blog! I've read it several times before but only commenting now...your writing is terrific and you look even terrific-er! I'm going to put a link to your blog on my blog like bloggers do.
    PS- Yes, I do remember the story of "crotch wash"

  2. congrats on your journey! i learned about your blog from your post and am excited to follow your blogging adventures. I've realized over the past several months how sedentary my life has become (from urban college student to cube worker w/car), in addition to the ridiculousness of how many FOOD shows there are on tv nowadays. i'm hoping that i can find inspiration and support from reading your blog...instead of watching tv about food, and reading blogs about food! keep it up!

  3. Wow, that's great! You are Beautiful!


  4. You look so amazing! The before and after pictures look so great and it's fun to see a significant difference. Did you lose all of that weight because of the surgery alone? I think I may opt for a gastric bypass and look for a clinic near Orlando, FL.