Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let it snow?...

I have a severe “love/hate” relationship with snow.

For me, the first snow of the season brings on excitement.  It seems so beautiful coming down out of the sky coating everything in a fresh white blanket.  It’s like everything is fresh and new and nothing can go wrong in the world.  And, every year, this excitement lasts for…mmmm….maybe 2-3 hours. 

After  the first few hours of the first big storm of the season the “oh my god I just remembered that snow sucks” anxiety sinks in.  Even more so now that I have a house and a job that I have to go to whether it is snowing or not!  (essential employees, are you with me on this?!?!?)

But the absolute worst thing about snow is shoveling.  Shoveling has to be the worst chore on the planet to do.  I hate it.  HATE it.   And last year, it actually made me cry.  This is my driveway last year. 

Now, since babies have to be born whether it is snowing or not, I have to go to work whether it is snowing or not…which means that sometimes I have to clear my driveway during a blizzard.  You can imagine how fun that is.  Last year, we really had only one big storm.  And I shoveled my driveway.  All by my self.  (see the picture above)  And cried for about 3 of the 4 hours it took me to do it.  I was sweaty, sore, and out of breath by the time I was done.  It was awful. 

I would love to tell you that this year I was so fit that I shoveled the whole thing in half the time without so much as a sniffle.  But screw that. 

This year, I bought a snow blower. 

It is awesome and most likely the best $700 I have ever spent in my entire life.  I had Mike come over and help me (one, because I hate large pieces of equipment that can injure me and two, because he LOVES it)  I know shoveling is good exercise and all that, but for my mental health, it had to be done.  And I would rather go to the gym and run for an hour than be outside in the cold with a shovel.  Hands down. 
But even though I was in “this year I have a snowblower” bliss, I realized that I had a big problem.  I had nothing to wear outside in the snow! 

Seriously, How did I not realize that I needed a coordinating outfit for snow removal?  UGH….So annoying.  Eventually, I settled on several sweatshirts with a windbreaker and an older pair of jeans.  I was freezing the entire time, but it worked.  Mike did the driveway with the snowblower, and I shoveled the walkways and the stairs.  

Now, I’m not sure if it was because it only took us an hour or so, or if it was because I actually have muscles this year, but I could really feel the difference.   The actual “shoveling” part wasn’t nearly as bad as normal, and besides a bit of frostbite, I remained uninjured.  And, while Mike finished the driveway (I think he felt bad I was so cold and sent me inside) I made pancakes and sausages for us for breakfast!  Delish!

So I guess I can like snow a little bit more now.  I still need to harass people to come use my snowblower for me, but I can live with that.  

And, least I get to go shopping for a new outfit!    

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  1. Ahhhh - snow~ We had 14 inches in Virginia Beach (an area where a snow shovel is hard to find). We used the time "socializing" in the neighborhood (that's when a bunch of folks use a variety of tools to remove snow). After the driveways and walkways were completed we gathered inside around a fire! Always fun reading your comments.