Monday, June 20, 2011

Lost and Found

Hey y’all…

I know I know….I let my blog go dormant for a while.  This “being in love” thing has really started to rule my life.  But, honestly, I couldn’t be happier…and doing all those “lovey dovey” relationship type things with Chris has taken up so much time…but in SUCH a good way. 

It’s awesome.

Anywhoo, I was on my computer today and found a half written blog that I never finished from Easter.  I thought finishing and posting it would be the best was to revive this blog and get myself back on track.  So stay tuned…there is WAY more to come…




Easter 2011...Meeting the families!

When I was a little girl…oh, maybe 10 years old…my mother took my sister and me aside and told us that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy retired. 

I’m totally not even kidding.

So, I haven’t had an Easter basket since then.  And I never really cared because candy wasn’t my thing anyways.  I was more excited about the ham and mac and cheese.  Which is a perfect example of how I got into this situation in the first place…but I digress…

This year, I was fortunate enough to have Chris’ parents, grandfather, sister (Michelle) and her boyfriend (James) over to my house a few days before Easter for dinner.  Chris cooked some delicious food, we drank more wine than we should have, and decorated Easter eggs while laughing up a storm.   

It was so awesome.

Our artwork!

My egg
So cute, right?
Chris' egg
I swear, he did that on his own!  

Also, for the first time in almost 20 years, I was given an Easter basket, thanks to Chris' mom, Ann.  (Mostly sugar free, of course…)  Seriously, I love Chris’ mom....and I legit pray on a regular basis that this woman becomes my mother-in-law someday.

Anyway, I ended up with about a million hard-boiled eggs in my fridge.  Something I haven’t made in a really long time.  And it really reminded me about what a great snack they were when I first started eating more solid foods post op.

I hated the yolks, but I loved an egg white with a little salt and pepper sprinkled on it for breakfast.  They are a super great source of protein and were a good change from eating oatmeal….every….single….day.

This time I had them as snacks and cut up on salads.  It was delicious and made me feel way healthier about eating an occasional Resse’s peanut butter egg! 

We ate the actual Easter  dinner at my parent's house and then went to meet Chris' family for dessert.  I had butterflies the entire time, but all of the introductions went well and, like I said, Chris' family is just phenomenal!

Back row: Chris, Uncle Bill, Jillian, Mike
Front row: Me, Mom, Dad

Personally, I think my acceptance had a lot to do with the chocolate chip cookie brownies I brought, but who knows... (they are a delicious and easy dessert...but soooo not post-op friendly!  Seriously, beware.  They are dump central. )  Check out the recipe!  FYI...I did not frost them and they were just fine.  I mean....holy extra calories, Batman!

So post-op life is grand.  I wish I knew a year ago that my life was going to be this good.  It would have made my recovery a lot easier to take, mentally.  Just remember, post-op buddies....there IS a light at the end of this "foodless" tunnel!  I promise!