Friday, June 8, 2012

Showered with love...

Where have I been?  Let me explain…

Me and my friend Liz!
#1- As I have said before, I’m not having as many “fat to skinny” epiphanies anymore.  Which leaves me with writers block.  I live my life everyday and the fact that I used to weigh 300lbs isn’t really even a thought.  Weird, but true. 

#2- I am officially declaring my camera lost.  So I haven’t taken “non iPhone” pictures in almost a year.  This lack of pictures make my posts more boring, in my opinion. 

My life is so wonderful.  I wouldn’t want to change a thing.  (Well…unless I could request becoming independently wealthy.  So I could just pay for my wedding in cash…)

My Bridesmaids/man
Cara, Michelle, me, Ang, and Mike.
(Lindsey was in sunny California and
was greatly missed!)
It’s been almost two and a half years since my surgery and I’m doing and feeling great.  At my “2 year check-up”  I found out that I have put on 13lbs this last year.  I blame Chris for brining pizza back into my life, but really there is no one to blame but myself!  My doctor told me it was OK but gave me a stern warning about gaining anymore. 

It was a real eye opener. 

SO, after increasing my workouts a little and watching what I eat (yes…I’m on a DIET)  I’m already down 5 pounds.  Basically, I just stopped eating crap and my personal trainer just shouts “WEDDING DRESS!” at me when I want to give up my workouts. 

Worked like a charm. 

BUT…the REAL reason for this post is that my Bridal shower was last weekend and there were cameras.  Lots of them.  And my dress was beyond fabulous.  So, I snagged some of my friend’s pictures off the lovely Facebook and decided to update the few stragglers that might still be watching here. 

Hello stragglers! : )

My shower was beyond perfection.  Everything a girl could ever want or dream of.  I have never been so happy and felt so loved in my entire life.  I have the best bridesmaids and bridesman in the whole world.  There aren’t enough words to thank them for all their time and hard work.

We had delicious dinner (my choice was the chicken and vegetable pasta…unreal!) but dessert was AH-MAZING.

Me, Mike, and the amazing cake!
I would like to recommend to the brides of the world that you must have a bridesman….because when you have a brideman, you get a wedding shower cake that looks like THIS!!!  I was blown away.  This cake is way nicer than my wedding cake will be…for real.  I still get goosebumps just looking at the picture. 

The centerpieces were adorable and delicious…the best kind of combination, in my opinion.  They were lovingly crafted by my future mother and sister in-law.   People were fighting to take them away!!!

My fantastic group didn’t stop there!  All the little details made this day so special…like the signature sangria drinks (matching the shower colors of course!), the awseome citrus salt and wine stoppers to take home, and our game prizes???  Coach bags.  YES…I SAID COACH BAGS! 

My own special Coach bag.  :: LOVE :: 
This shower was amazing.   And even though it was only a week ago, I still can’t believe it was for me. 

I’m signing off here with the warning that I don’t know when I will be back.  (Probably, after my wedding in August.)  But I always respond to comments and e-mails (Hi Chrissi!) and would be happy to answer questions anytime…

See you after the wedding!!!  (8/17/12)

My mom, me, and my future mother-in-law