Friday, August 6, 2010

Tucked in...

I am always running late.

All my friends know this about me. And the ones closest to me tend to handle the situation pretty well. But no one does this better than my friend Mike.

Poor Mike arrives at my house generally 20-30 minutes before he actually intends to go anywhere with me…just to make sure I’m ready on time. And even if I’m not, he doesn’t get upset. In short…he’s a saint.

Well, Mike and I went to Martha’s Vineyard today, and I was running late as usual. I had meant to wash a cute little tank top that morning to wear out that day, but alas…because I went to the gym beforehand- I was running late...and I forgot to wash it. The amount of cute AND clean clothing I had to choose from was minimal. I literally put on the first clean tank top I could find. And I did something I had never done before.

I tucked it in.

I know this seems quite normal to some people, but when you are fat, you tend to wear the longest, most baggy things to hide your “poochy pouch.” (aka “gunt”…aka "pannis"…) Most days, I would have worn a shirt down to my knees. But, honestly, If you have a "poochy pouch", hiding it becomes a full time job. Tucking in your shirt is just counter productive.

But the “tuck in” worked...I looked cute…and the rest is history.

The only unfortunate part of the trip was the crabby waitress who gave me attitude about ordering off the children's menu. It was the first time that had happened to me…ever! She didn’t make me show my doctor’s note, but I totally threatened her with it.

Seriously...waitstaff of the world...don't mess with me.

Despite this grumpy waitress, our day was perfect. And I spent the entire day...comfortably "tucked in!"


  1. Your friend Mike is so cute and from your description, so sweet!
    Why aren't you more than friends with him???

  2. Mike is already my "gay husband"... : ) ...and it works out perfectly!

  3. You don't look fat. Maybe a couple 'extras', but you look very nice and well kempt. Just be yourself - you'll be fine.