Thursday, August 5, 2010

Illegally blonde...

I take a lot of pride in my hair…as evidenced by the number of posts I put up about it. I can only imagine that when you all read this, you think “Shut up about your hair already! We get it! You are obsessed!”

But alas…I continue….

My hair needed to be colored soooo badly, but I had been waiting because I didn’t want to add any unnecessary stress to it. My plan was to try and wait until September to have my hair cut and colored again. But, in the past few weeks, I’ve really noticed that slowly but surely has not only has my hair decreased in falling out, but has actually started to grow back. Now, I am left with this really weird sort of “halo” of baby hairs around my head…all the same length. (I promise, it was not attractive and very difficult to hide...) Upon realizing this new development, I couldn’t hold back the urge anymore…so I made a hair appointment.

Today, I went to my salon and saw one of my favorite people on the planet: Toby, my hairstylist. The last time I saw him had to be at least 40-50 pounds ago so, when I walked up to his chair I received the best greeting ever!

“GIIIIIIRL!!! Oh.My.God. You look so gooooood!”

Seriously…I love him.

After discussing the weird halo situation, and taking into account my sister’s wedding coming up in 4 weeks or so, we decided the best solution would be some cute wispy bangs. He said that this would really help hide the wispy hairs in the front that are driving me absolutely bananas.

He did a gorgeous color job and I am so happy to be blonde again! YAY!


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