Monday, May 3, 2010

Food frustrations

Here are a few things that are annoying me about food currently:

1. Portion sizes. I am a single woman living in a house by myself. It is literally IMPOSIBLE for me to cook a portion small enough for just me. Impossible. I try to cook lots of different things: soup, meat, pasta sauce. No matter what, I ALWAYS have leftovers that ALWAYS get thrown away. It is wasteful and annoying. So I am forced to make and eat Lean Cuisines constantly. (A quality of food of which I am DEINITELY NOT accustomed to!!!)

2. I REALLY want to eat fresh vegetables. Like, I would give the left side of my body for a salad with fresh tomatoes and feta. I used to eat these huge troughs of salad before my surgery and, although my portion size was definitely out of whack, it was a generally healthier meal. Now the only vegetables I get are overcooked and soft. I miss salad more than ice cream. How sad is that?!?!

3. The lack of alcohol is driving me crazy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a little champagne at a wedding or two, and even a little sip of wine, but It’s just not the same. Instead of happy, I get a headache...on only a HALF of a glass of champagne! This coming from the girl who would drink enough grey goose and cranberry to drown a horse! ::sigh:: Well, at least we don’t ever have to worry about who the designated driver is going to be…

4. Eating slowly is really cramping my style. It annoys me that when I’m eating with people, I always seem to be the last one to finish. But that doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that it takes me so long to eat, that before I’m even half way through, my food is cold. (Have you ever tried to heat up a lean cuisine 3 times while eating it? Yeah, it doesn’t really add much to the flavor...) Also, being a nurse, I usually have about 10 nanoseconds to sit and eat. This means that I never eat (or drink) enough at work. Still trying to work on that one.

5. Food is sneaky. I have come to realize that finding out what foods work for me is a tricky business. Sometimes, I try certain things and they go down without any problems. (Yay!) I get super excited and stock my cabinets full of said deliciousness. Then, BAM- I go to eat it again and I get sick. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but I’m pretty sure food is just mocking me…and it is enjoying it way too much.

Wow. That felt great. Sometimes, I find myself trying to be so positive about everything that I let the stuff that annoys me build up to a point where I just want to explode. (which I think I just did quite gracefully...don’t you?) I don’t think it’s very healthy, so I’m going to try and not do that anymore.

Anywhoo- I got on the scale this morning and saw I am down 65lbs. Today, I also weigh less than I did in high school! (Just in time for the reunion this year…whoop whoop!) In honor of this fantastic milestone, and because I will be 11 weeks post-op on Wednesday, I’m putting up some pictures from a wedding I was at this weekend down on Cape Cod!

Everyone seemed to love the dress I found hiding in the back of my closet. I bought it YEARS ago when I was on one of my many diets. It was WAY too small then, but now it fits like a glove! Enjoy!

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  1. Kristen you look FABOOSH! Keep up the great work! Everyone needs to vent from time to time, so let it out!