Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Purging the closet...

I love clothes.

Over the years, as my weight has gone up and down on different diets, I aquired several different wardrobes...in several different sizes.

Five to be exact.

It has always been hard for me to part with my clothes. Even when I was dieting and losing a lot of weight, I could never let things go...you know...just in case I gained the weight back and needed that size again. I have two closets in my bedroom and they were both filled to the brim with a mish mash of different sized clothes...plus 2 boxes in my guest bedroom.

But as I have been slowly shrinking, it has become increasingly difficult to weed through all my clothes to find something to wear. I'm very lucky in the fact that for 90% of my life I wear blue scrubs provided by my hospital. (I'm down to a medium from a XXL/XXXL in those...a HUGE goal of mine, by the way!) But for the other 10% of my life, I've been running around in clothes that were just too big. Buying a lot of new stuff seemed like such a waste. I was dropping weight so fast that stuff only fit me for like a month. It was CRAZY.

Talking to my friend (who had the surgery awhile ago) about this problem, she simply said, "Keep one pair of your 'fat jeans' but get rid of the rest! You will never fit into those clothes again."

She was totally right.

So a few weeks ago, I had my mother over (for moral support) and she helped my go through the mountian of clothing I had aquired over my lifetime. I literally put every piece of clothing I owned...on my body...one piece at a time.

I was surprised at some of the things that fit...and even MORE surprised at the things that didn't! If it was too big, it went right into the "donate" box...no questions asked. By the time we were done (apx 3 hours) I had weeded out about 3/4 of the clothes in my closet.

It felt fantastic!

I have already started saving some money for new additions to my closet. When my weight evens out a little bit, I plan on going on a mad shopping spree to buy all new clothes. As excited as I am about it, the part I'm most looking forward to will be the new stores I can shop in.

Sell your Lane Bryant stock now, ladies!!!...Kristen is movin' on!

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  1. This is one of the best feelings in the world... donating. Okay, maybe it is donating clothes that are too BIG! :) Congrats on the new wardrobe!