Tuesday, May 18, 2010

12 week update...

Last week I went to the doctor.

I wasn't surprised to see my weight loss on the scale because I weigh myself at least three times a week. I really like to be aware of every single pound I lose. (Today I was down 70lbs exactly!!!) But when I talked to my doctor last week, he did surprise me with some info that I wasn't following...and I was actually really happy about it.

At my appointment last week, my doctor told me that not only is my Body Mass Index down 10 points...I have gone from stage 3 obese to stage 1. He is also quite sure that the next time we meet I will be off the obese scale all together. Holy cow!

I have also lost over 21% of my body weight...in 12 weeks. He told me this is actually the expected weight loss for someome who is 5 months post-op. This seemed kinda scary to me, so I asked him if that was ok...health-wise. Apparently, it is fantastic!

I also had an appointment with my dietician. She has actually encouraged me to eat MORE. I was shocked! She told me to make sure I have "color on my plate" so I've been trying to increase my vegetables and have started eating fruit. FRUIT! When she told me to not be afraid of fruit, I almost hugged her. My labs were also normal and I could even DECREASE some of my vitamin suplements. YOWZA!!!

Even though I usually hate surprises, I have to say...I wasn't really expecting any news this good so I'm really proud!

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  1. There is more to a meal than brown food. Congrats!