Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding bells...

My sister and my dad!
Well, we finally had my sister’s wedding and it was just fantastic.

Everyone was beautiful, especially my sister, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.   (especially during the "father daughter dance...I tear up just thinking about it)  It was an awesome wedding and I’m surprised how quickly it went by!

When I went to get my hair put up, I told the lady straight out…this was going to be difficult.  And boy…I wasn’t lying.  The “growing in” parts are still too short to do anything with and the rest of my hair is so fine it wouldn’t even tease! 

Me and my beautiful mom!
My assigned hairdresser didn’t even blink an eye.  She worked her magic and with an extra pair of hands, a pound of hair pins, and what seemed like an entire can of hairspray, she had my hair contorted into a sort of French twist like thing with some pinned curls on top.  She REALLY lacquered it to my head and it looked great the whole night!

The bridesmaids
Our dresses looked awesome and I don’t think anyone could even notice that mine was altered at all!  The color really looked good with my skin tone, which was totally tan because of all my beach visits this summer.  (thanks, Mike!)  I also loved my silver, glittery, 4 inch, peek toe pumps!  (Something I couldn’t have ever even DREAMED of prancing around in before my weight loss!)  Our ensembles were a really good choice and looked phenomenal on all of the bridesmaids. 

The DJ was great and me and Mike danced all night long!   All those calories I spent on the delicious dinner and 1 glass of wine were pretty gone by the end of the night, I'm sure.   (I needed the glass of wine to get through the maid of honor toast…that I had written only the night before!) 

Professional wedding dates...me and Mike!

I caught the bouquet, which gave me hope for a wedding in my future.  But, then I remembered that this is the third time I have caught the bouquet at a wedding.  


My cousin, Joey, caught the “bruins themed” garter. (my sister and her husband are BIG hockey fans...god bless them…lol)  Needless to say, Joey was not too interested in putting his hands up my dress, so we did a fun dance and he placed it right up on my arm.  I thank Beth now for all those bicep curls and triceps kick-backs, as I’m sure everyone was checking out my “bruins” arm all night long!

All in all it was a fantastic night and really fun wedding.  I can’t believe its over and I couldn’t be happier for my sister and my new brother in law.  I hope they enjoyed their honeymoon in the Bahamas….especially the “couples massage” I bought for them as a wedding present!  

The newlyweds...Congratulations, Jillian and Mike!

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