Wednesday, September 22, 2010


For me, today was one of those days where all I did was eat and sit on the sofa. A “mental health day” of sorts. And when I weighed myself, I lost 2 pounds.


But in all seriousness, the amount of food I have been able to eat lately is really starting to scare me. With everything I’ve tasted and tried...athough I definitely feel full sooner...I haven’t had dumping at all. So, at this point in this whole process, I know I can eat anything I want.

This is extremely dangerous.

Without the fear of dumping, I have gone a little rouge with my eating. I still stay away from sugar…mostly…but I have been ordering out at work, going out to eat more in general (most of the time NOT ordering off the children’s menu), and buying "unhealthy" items at the grocery store.

When I go out to eat, sometimes I know I could pick a healthier item off the menu…but I do what I do best. I rationalize ordering what I WANT instead of what I SHOULD have. It is a skill I have mastered that I wish I could use for good instead of evil…but alas.

My saving grace has been that I continue to work out. Hard. Also, my pouch still limits the quantity of food I eat. The amount of food I can eat is definitely less than pre-surg, but in the last few weeks it has totally increased from what it has been. It is a fear I can't even describe. 

So, a few days ago I really started thinking about how and what I've been eating. I have heard stories of people regaining their weight after surgery.  It feels like this is a point in my recovery where I could start to pick up some old habits that could send me down that road. Yikes. So, I've decided to nip these bad habits in the butt before they get out of control.

Thus…”THE RULES” were born.

“THE RULES” are something I made up in order to help me stay on the straight and narrow with my eating. They are limits I have set for myself that I'm not allowed to rationalize away.  And as stupid as it sounds, they have already started to help.

Here’s what I have so far:

1. I will eat breakfast everyday.  And it will be breakfast food...healthy breakfast food.  
2. I will taste a dessert, but never order or eat a whole one.
3. I will never drink more than 2 glasses of wine in one sitting.
4. I will not buy unhealthy food at the grocery store.
5. I will try to make and bring dinner for myself at work.  But, if I do order out...I will make healthy choices  
6. I will take my vitamins.  Everyday.
7. I will not eat ANY halloween candy.  Not even one piece. 

I will add more rules as time goes by, but it is already hard to keep up with these ones

When I make a rule, I’m trying to be realistic. I know that at some point I may break it. But just having them really makes me think about what I'm eating before I put it into my mouth...which helps a lot.  This list will grow and change as I do, but I will always keep it around as a tool to keep me healthy. 

Knowing that I CAN eat whatever I want has empowered me to CHOOSE to eat the right way. I don’t want to go back to an unhealthy lifestyle…and if it takes “ THE RULES” to keep me in line….so be it!

On a funnier note, when I told my mom about my current eating woes and the instillation of “THE RULES” she sent me the link to this video.  Hysterical.  So yes, mom…from now on I will “think before I eat”…

***do you have any “rules” that you use to keep yourself in check? Or do you have any suggestions for my ever growing list? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. These are great rules, Kristen.... My motto has always been "everything in moderation." You've kind of got it there with the taste of dessert rule. Even though your portion control seems to be a given because of your surgery, it can be so easy to deny yourself something you really crave, and end up eating too much of it at a later time because of the deprivation. With me, it's ice cream and cookies.... I'm such a sucker for sweets.... make a rule to limit yourself certain things you really enjoy, and make them part of your routines, but in moderation (like one cookie after dinner)... that way you're not being deprived, and you don't binge on them later. I hope that makes sense, and helps!

  2. hey lady- i have a few tried and true ones.
    -the breakfast thing is def. important-a heaping bowl of (healthy) cereal with fruit on top keeps me satisfied.
    -i always bring my lunch which helps avoid take out, when you get used to it you won't be able to imagine spending money for your meal! When you make a meal at home make extra so you'll have some to take for work.
    -SNACKS-almonds, fruit, yogurt, laughing cow cheese, wheat crackers. These really keep me satiated and keeps me from eating candy or a cookie when i'm hungry.
    -sweets-i give myself 1 or 2 squares of dark chocolate for my sweet tooth, and i end up savoring it more.
    -dessert-i measure out a 1/2 cup (or serving size) of fro yo or light icecream and put it in a tiny bowl and this honestly satisfies the dessert craving.

  3. Love it! Last night at work, had my first dumping in prob a year. Had to take a Citra, pull myself together, thought I was having an MI.....