Friday, July 30, 2010

Is that me?

One of the awesome parts of my job is that you really get to bond with your patients. And sometimes they will send you a thank you note in the mail with a picture of their baby (and maybe some chocolates if you're lucky!)

A little while ago, I got one of those cards in the mail…but included inside was a picture of me. It's something I still keep it tucked in my datebook. It is the last picture I have of me before I had surgery.

I could barely recognize myself.

So, here is quick set of “before and after” pictures. One is the picture sent to me by my patient. The other is picture that I had a friend take of me in the break room at work about a week ago.

It’s insane.


  1. That is amazing! You look fantastic!!

  2. You look great! Congrats! Way to rock out those scrubs!

  3. I was given a link to your blog this morning and sat down and read every single entry from the beginning. You are so inspirational and it's motivating me to change my relationship with food as well! I'm such a foodie that when you described your love affair with food as just that, and you were going to have to be "just friends" I could feel your pain! Many of your entries had me laughing and even more had me in tears. I look forward to more, don't ever stop! Thank you!