Monday, July 19, 2010

Boot camp...

When I was about 17 years old, an army recruiter called my house.

This man tried his hardest to convince me that I should join the army. Inside, I laughed...but on the outside, I tried my best to explain to this man that I was fat...too fat to join the army.

I said things like “I don’t think I can handle the training” or “I don’t think I have the right mindset”. But this guy was a pro. And he didn’t give up. Finally, I cornered him with these words: “Look, I don’t like to run. If you could see me, you would understand.”

I never heard from him again.

If anyone had ever told “pre surgery” me that I would voluntarily involve myself in anything called a “boot camp”…ever…I would have laughed hysterically. So when my trainer, Beth, called me and told me I should sign up for her new boot camp sessions, I was a little weary. But, I did sign up. Why? Because when my trainer tells me I can do something that I think I cannot do…It motivates me to do it.

Damn...she's good.

So I went to this “boot camp.” We were all at about the same level, which made me feel a little better. And the trainers, Beth and Brian, are the perfect combination of motivation and limit pushing. After lunges, sit-ups, planks, and sprints I could barely walk for 2 days after. And it was so awesome.

The classes remind me of field day from elementary school...on crack…for adults. The classes are fun and are held outside either in a field or on the beach. We do assessments in the beginning and at the end of each session of classes to see the improvement from where we started. And for 5 weeks, 3x a week, the cost is only 150$. That’s 10$ per class. The deal of the century, my friends…the deal of the century!

I have already improved so much that it motivated me to re-start my one-on-one sessions with Beth. I’m loving it.

I know that people from all over the world read this blog…(maybe not, but a girl can dream, right?…) but if you are from south shore Massachusetts and are interested in a fun workout you should really check them out. Here is the link:

I hope to see some new faces for the next session!

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  1. You have at least one loyal reader in Paris! :)