Saturday, October 23, 2010

Success "story time"...

Guess what?

I am a success story.  Really.  Check it out!

I know, right?  Who knew?

When I was a bigger person, I remember watching various infomercials at night when I couldn’t sleep.  They are all the same, really.  There would be some person on there, telling you their “success story”.  How they lost 100 or so pounds with some gimmick diet or workout program.   Generally, standing next to…or in…their old pants.  Luckily, I never bought into all of that.  In my mind, I always knew that if something looked too good to be true, it generally was.   But that never stopped me from dreaming.

This year, I made my own success surgery with the combination of surgery, diet, and exercise.  I won’t claim that it was easy, because it wasn’t….but it was simple. That’s it.  No gimmicks.  My way may not be for everyone, and that’s ok.  I’m just happy that it worked for me.

As you guys have read, most of the hard work I’ve had to endure involves the gym.  I know I’ve said it before, but working out was just as an important part of this process as the surgery.  I tell people all the time that I work really hard to NOT look like I had a gastric bypass.  And I would say I am quite pleased at the results. 

So, a few days ago, my trainer, Beth, asked if I would mind writing a testimonial for her website.  I was honored and told her I’d love to.  But, when she also asked me to take some photos for a “before and after” section, I was a little nervous. 

Should anyone really know what they look like working out?

I am always afraid of being judged.  Hence trying to be perfect…all the time.  But at the gym, I leave all that at the door.  I don’t wear make-up, I get really sweaty, and I make noises that I can only describe as “discovery-channel-esque.”   I go there to work.  And it’s the only time I don’t care about what people think about me. 

But I was curious.  So I agreed.  And the pictures came out awesome.  I mean…for the first time ever, I saw that I have “cut” arms.  There isn’t a better feeling in the world than really seeing your progress.  It’s just so motivating.

So, take a moment and take a look at some of the photos.  And then click on Beth’s website to read the testimonial and see the “before and after” photo section.   The photo we picked as “the best one” is just my favorite.  I nearly dropped that dumbbell on my head.  That’s why I’m laughing.  Well, that and the fact that everyone was watching me. 

But you know what?  They can look all they want.  

My "success story" has a really cute butt now.


tricep pull downs

look at those arms!!!

lunges with medicine ball lifts

chest press


**By the way, I'm going to do the "Q&A" blog next week so get your questions to me if you want them answered!  Either leave them in the comment section or e-mail them to me**


  1. Hi Kristen-

    For the Q&A blog I was wondering if you knew what your body fat percentage was before surgery and now?



  2. Hi Kristen,

    For the Q&A blog, I wanted to get your view on this week's Internet uproar on the story controversy:

    Although, the writer apologized (after) for her harsh words about her discomfort towards obese people/ obese people kissing--how do you feel about her original entry?

    You look AMAZING by the way. A true inspiration!

  3. hi anonymous#2....loved your question and i will be addressing it as it's own blog entry...stay tuned!!!