Friday, October 15, 2010

Good hair day...

I know…my hair again.

You guys know my hair anxiety pretty well by now and have listened to me moan about it for months.  Well, my you are in luck!  Instead of whining about it, I just wanted to let you know I got a new hair style and I think I’m in love. 

I went to my stylist last week and discussed the situation.  My hair is definitely growing in now and starting to look way better.  With this new thickness at my roots, the ends of my hair were looking (and feeling) extraordinarily thin.  So, since there were no pending weddings in my future, I told him I needed to start over.

And we decided to go short.  

Really short.  

In fact this is the shortest my hair has ever been.  For a while, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it…but now I’ve decided I LOVE it and it is the perfect change I needed for the fall.  

Fun to play with, easy to manage, and hides my “growing in” parts flawlessly!  It’s perfect!

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