Thursday, October 14, 2010

20,000 hits...Q&A!

Just checking in this morning and was so excited to see that the site reached 20,000 hits...

Per usual, I am forever surprised to see the interest on this site just grow and grow!  Without your continued support, I know I would not have had the kind of success I've had so far.....and I remain forever grateful to you guys!

In honor of this momentous occasion (ok, not quite "momentous"....but a girl can dream, right?...) I decided to answer some questions from you....the readers.  Have a burning question you want to ask?  Want an  explanation about something related to my surgery?...weight loss?...personal life?

Go ahead.  Ask me.

I promise that I will answer as honestly as I can and may even turn the answer to your question into an entire blog entry.  And when I publish the book  you could legitimately be famous.  (**KIDDING**)

Thanks again, you guys!  YOU ROCK!!!


**leave your questions in the comment section below OR feel free to e-mail them to me with the e-mail subject being "questions"**


  1. Are you experiencing any change in how your family or friends treat you? How about strangers?

  2. Do you crave different things now than you did pre-surgery?

  3. I may have missed this when I tuned in late, but why go for the whole Monty vs the lapband. Just curious. I've been reading quite a bit and I know someone who has had the same surgery. Lost 150. What about, um, you know, excess skin?


  4. hi anonymous#1....loved your question and i will be addressing it as it's own blog entry...stay tuned!!!