Sunday, March 14, 2010

Well, hello there nausea....

In writing this blog, I figure I should share the good along with the bad. So I’m writing a post this morning because yesterday was just plain awful.

During my almost 4 weeks of recovery, I have yet to vomit. Actually, I can count only 2 distinct times where I even felt really nauseated enough to really consider getting a bucket. This is highly unusual, I think, but heck…I’m not complaining! So I have been just going about my recovery and thanking god every day for my good luck.

That is, until yesterday.

Yesterday I was nauseous…all…day…long. I didn’t do anything differently that I can think of. Despite that, it took everything in me to eat and drink maybe a quarter of what I was supposed to. I really tried my best, but there was a point where I would have literally put in my own IV, just so I wouldn’t have had to put another thing in my mouth.

I was tired, I was miserable, and I pretty much wanted to throw my water bottle across the room. But my fear of dehydration was fierce, so I continued to slowly sip away at my Crystal Light peach tea. (screw you protein drinks…you can go to hell) I can only imagine that this was like the constant nausea my pregnant friends have told me about. To all of you…I’m sorry if I ever doubted your misery. Seriously.

Well…I know that this will not be the last “bad day” I have post-op. And despite the obvious hatred I had of my day yesterday, I truly am thankful for my extremely uncomplicated recovery. (so far...) This morning, I already feel a little bit better. (except for the 4 inches of water in my basement from the 2 days of constant rain here in Massachusetts)

I can only hope today is a better day. Health wise at least.

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