Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas...

Christmas has to be my most favorite holiday ever.  I love getting presents…I love giving presents…and I love the sampling of foods I get to munch on this time of year.

Since I started working as a nurse, I tend to work Christmas eve night shift.  Mostly, it’s because I don’t have any little ones to open presents with in the morning.   But partly it’s because I can to go straight to my parent’s house after work.  This has started a new little Christmas tradition for us...breakfast with just me and my parents. 

Normally, I’m not a “breakfast person” the sense that I don’t really eat breakfast foods.  But, I look forward to this breakfast all year long.  My mother will make me anything that I want and this year I requested pancakes and sausages.   Because my mom is awesome, it was hot and ready when I got there.  I ate 2 small pancakes and 2 sausages and was totally full.

It was great.  (and by great, I mean friggin’ delicious.)  But while I was sitting there with my parents eating and chatting about my “Christmas delivery” at work (babies really are the BEST presents!) my dad looked over and said something to me that made me stop for a second. 

“ You take really small bites now.”

I paused, looked down at my fork, and saw what looked like a normal sized bite to me.   (Then again, this is the girl that ate with baby utensils for 3-4 months…)  I didn’t really know what to say.  

So, slightly confused, I think I said...“Yeah...I guess so!” and just continued eating.   

Since my surgery, I am continuously amused by not only how my eating has changed, but also by how different my actual perceptions of food are.  I suppose my servings are smaller and my eating style is different.  But at this point, I don’t even realize it anymore.  

It's awesome.

This Christmas, I ate what I felt like was a lot of things.  I just ate them in moderation.  And during the entire day, I felt completely satisfied and never felt like I was missing out on anything! 

The whole day was perfect, But one of the most exciting parts of Christmas for me was getting my brand new UGG boots.  Whether you love them or hate them, I've wanted a pair for years.  But when I went to the store to try them on, they wouldn’t fit over my calves.  (A problem I’ve had with boots my ENTIRE life!)  But this year that isn’t a problem, and I will be stylin’ the streets of Boston in the finest of sheepskin footwear.  Thanks, Santa!!!

::  happy dance  ::

What a great holiday after the most fantastic year.  I can only hope yours was just as fantastic!  Merry Christmas, everyone!

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