Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding dress bliss...

Wedding dress shopping is something I (like every girl) has dreamed about my entire life.  In my frequent job as bridesmaid, I had always helped my friends with the planning of their weddings.  And in the process of doing this important job, I would always find little things I knew I wanted in my own wedding that I would tuck into the back of my mind. 

It was a nice perk. 

One of those things I found and settled on was my dream wedding dress.  It was a Priscilla of Boston.  A-line…silk taffeta…big skirt…HUGE price tag.  But I never really considered it, because…honestly…I never thought I could fit into it. 

Until now. 

Since the wedding was less than a year away, I figured I wasn’t being absolutely nuts if I started looking at dresses.  What the heck, right?  So I made an appointment and took my mom and Chris’s mom to the local David’s bridal store.  And it was just was awesome.    

I remembered the days when I would go with my bride friends to try on bridesmaid dresses and not fit into the samples. The amount of embarrassment at not only the measurements the poor woman had to take, but the actual SIZE dress I had to buy was almost more than I could take.  

I absolutely wanted to D-I-E.  (or eat a pizza….you know…whatever made me feel better at the time)

But last week, I walked around the store and picked up any wedding dress I wanted to try on….and generally…they all zipped right up.  It was the best feeling ever…a real confidence booster.  I felt like an absolute princess the whole time.  But, although I felt beautiful in almost all of the dresses I put on, none of them were “my dress.”  

That dress haunted me the whole time.  I wanted it…needed it...and of course had to see it on my body.  So, I made and appointment at Priscilla's.  And once I finally put the dress on, my heart almost stopped.  

It was perfect. 

Well, thank god for my mother.  Because, with some tears…my mother’s deal wielding skills…and the fact that Pricilla’s of Boston had decided to go out of business a few months ago, I squeezed this dress into the budget and got the most beautiful (and most expensive) dress that I will ever put on my body.    

That’s right…I got my Priscilla.    

It was the best birthday present a girl could ever ask for.  And it literally PAINS me not to put a picture of it on here.  I want to share with you all the gorgeousness that is this dress…but I just don’t trust Chris not to peek.   (yes Chris, I know you read this and I don't trust you!)

So, my lovely readers, you will have to wait for the wedding…just like him.  But, it will be totally worth it.  

I promise.  


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